What is the metabolic regimen?

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Himalaya-Spezialsalz (10g)


Unser Klassiker: Die Spezialanfertigung auf Basis von Bio-Himalayasalz. Als stoffliche Komponenten sind spezielles Himalayasalz, L-Carnitin (3mg) sowie Spuren von Biohochlandkaffee enthalten.

VitEffect21 ist zuckerfrei (ohne Saccharose), homöopathiefrei und alkoholfrei.

Himalaya-Carnitin-Globuli (10ml)


Als stoffliche Komponenten sind Xylitol (min. 98%), Hypromellose, Aqua, sowie Spuren von spez. Himalayasalz und L-Carnitin enthalten.

VitEffect21G ist zuckerfrei (ohne Saccharose), homöopathiefrei und alkoholfrei.

We get a lot of enthusiastic feedback, especially because we produce sugar-free and alcohol-free. Some users describe, among other things, positive taste benefits and pleasant thirst-inducing effects.

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Recommended intake

Special Himalayan salt

Recommendation: 5 times a day: 1 spatula tip (see photo)
It has proven useful to take it independently or about 5 minutes before meals. It can be taken pure or dissolved in water. Daily dose: approx. 0.3g

Himalayan Carnitine Globules

Recommendation: 2-3 globules 5 times a day – regardless of meals

Recommended Schedule

During the first 21 days of the metabolic regimen, i.e. In the 2 days of the loading phase (phase I) and in the following 19 days of phase II of the metabolic cure, VitEffect21 is taken 5 times a day for support.

The recommended intake for the globules is 2-3 globules 5 times a day – regardless of meals. With the salt it is 5 times a day a spatula tip or a moistened fingertip.